Best Salon For Facial In Chennai

Anlon Art Salon - Best Salon For Facial In Chennai

Search for the best salon for facials in Chennai ends at the Anlon Art Salon. Anlon art salon is a premium beauty med salon in Chennai with state-of-the-art services and experienced professionals. It is the perfect fusion of science and beauty to bring out the best ever spa results. With age the skin on your face starts getting loose and holds a lot of dead cells, a nice facial will help your face regain smoothness and shape while eliminating the dead cells. Facials help your skin rejuvenate and regain the spark. 

Anlon Art Salon brings out the best services right here in  Nungambakkam, Chennai. It provides personalized skin, hair, and nail care under medical supervision, this is what separates Anlon art salon from other salons in Chennai. Customer satisfaction through world-class services is the aim of Anlon art salon.

Anlon Art Salon is the perfect place for getting a facial in Chennai. It has the latest facial methods and skilled staff who ensure the best services. Anlon art salon provides different types of facials and spa services. The professionals make a quick guess of your skin type and health to recommend the best suited facial and spa facility. We already told you how Anlon is a combination of science and beauty, to add value to this statement, it uses excellent products that are universally recommended and have the right formula as per your skin and needs. 

Anlon Art Salon is a dream come true venture of the two expert founders  Dwayne Appu and Dr. Nisha. Dwayne Appu is a celebrity hairstylist whose work is internationally recognised. He has a long list of people eager to get styled by him. There have been instances when people traveled miles to reach him out and get styled. You can imagine the celebrated style of  Dwayne Appu. Dr. Nisha is the co-founder at Anlon art salon and a renowned aesthetic physician and consultant dermatologist. She has brilliant knowledge and experience of making people fall in love with their looks. With the Anlon Art Salon, she aims at expanding her client base to make beauty easy for all. The different services are carried out under her supervision to help you get the much awaited look.

Anlon art salon provides completely customised services as per your skin type. The wide range of services helps your skin rejuvenate for both males and females. Each and every product at Anlon is carefully chosen to give you the best ever glowing skin. The professionals can help you get solutions for existing skin issues and identify the skin types like the oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin. Anlon provides premium med salon services like customised med facials, botox treatment, anti-aging services, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, pigmentation, PRP, mesotherapy, the latest facials, and a lot more services that you need!

The most in-demand facial services at the Anlon Art Salon are 

  1. Standard facial: It includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, putting up a benefitting mask, moisturizer to calm the skin of people with normal to dry skin. In this process, clogged pores open up to release the dead materials. It helps regain the natural glow of your face.
  2. Chemical peels: Just as it sounds. In this facial, a chemical solution is applied on your skin on the face, neck, and hands. The dead old skin is peeled away and regenerated shinier skin shows up.
  3. Anti-aging facials: The anti-aging facials use active natural ingredients and processes that remove the signs of aging from your skin. It involves exfoliation, extraction, and hydration of the skin. Lots of antioxidants loaded products are applied to your skin to help your skin with all sorts of aging signs. 
  4. Brightening facials: If your skin has started appearing dull and damaged, then a brightening facial can help bring out the hidden glow. Essential masks, enzyme peels, etc. are used in this process. 
  5. Laser facials: In this pampering facial session, your skin is treated to gently resurface your face and correct minor flaws. It helps reduce wrinkles, sun damage, scars, uneven skin tone, age spots, etc. 
  6. Red carpet Zo’ Facial: This is a premium ultra brightening and hydrating facial that rejuvenates the skin. It consists of a Peel Prep, Stimulator Peel, and Neutralizer & Extraction Peel that together improve skin pigmentation, texture, & tone, provide epidermal exfoliation & renewal of skin. The experts at Anlon art salon carry out these exquisite facials with perfection to bring the divinity. 
  7. Microdermabrasion: This facial is an organic exfoliation of dead skin cells. It brings out healthier younger skin that shines from within. 
  8. Fire and ice resurfacing IS Clinical Facial: This soothing facial helps eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. It restores the new vibrant skin that you won’t stop loving.
  9. Dermaplaning: It is a process that provides a brighter, smoother look as the beneficial products penetrate deep into the skin perfectly. 
  10. Signature facials: Anlon offers some out-of-the-box facial treatments that suit particular skin types and needs. These are formulated based on the requirements of the clients.  

These are only some special facial treatments available at the Anlon art salon, however, Anlon has a wide array of services to suit different skin types and needs. It also serves tailored facial services to add in some extra special charm. Anlon art salon is the one and only destination that you need for all skin, hair, nail, and eyelashes services. 

These top-notch services bring back a glow to your face that has a long lasting positive effect when done at regular intervals. All our services are gentle, having a feel-good sensation that gives you full satisfaction. Give yourself a luxury pampering session to bring out the divinity in you.

Anlon art salon provides full bridal makeover and hairdressing packages for brides and grooms that give you the best appearance. The skilled professionals at Anlon give you a subtly elegant look that creates magic!!

Book up a facial session for yourself and your loved ones in Chennai at the Anlon art salon. Anlon also gives discounts on facials, haircuts, manicures & pedicures, hair smoothening, etc. to regular customers and students. So hurry on!!


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